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Elevate My Writing exists to provide you with exceptional copy editing so that your business-related writing does justice to your products or services. I’ll eliminate spelling and grammatical mistakes from your copy, but that’s only the warm-up! I take your writing, consider your target audience, your brand’s vibe, and your end goal, and I completely rework your words. This includes:

  • catching and fixing writing inconsistencies (like unnecessary tense switching, or use of American and British spellings of the same word in the same text)
  • banishing vagueness and confusion from your writing (bye-bye to long-winded sentences that have to be read three times to be understood; hello to sentences that flow like melted butter!)
  • maintaining your voice in your writing (because business is personal: the reason that someone will buy from you rather than from your competitor is because of you, and we need to keep that you-ness in your work!)

Your elevated content will speak to your readers in a way that compels them to take action. I’m your girl if you need to edit your website content, blog posts, e-books, email marketing sequences, sales pages, and social media posts (to name a handful!).

The current rates (in USD) for Elevate My Writing services are provided below.

Website (5 pages: Home, About, Services, Contact, and one more page)$249
Additional website pages (per page; maximum: 700 words per page)$39
Email marketing sequence (5 emails; maximum: 700 words per email)$199
Single email (maximum: 700 words per email)$49
Blog posts (5 posts; maximum: 700 words per post)$199
Single blog post (maximum: 700 words per post)$49
Social media (5 captions or posts; maximum: 300 words per caption)$75
Single social media caption or post (maximum: 300 words per caption)$20
Sales page (maximum: 1500 words)$149
E-book (per 3,500 words; subject to a pre-review—rate may change depending on the level of editing required and on the subject matter)$199

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Looking for custom services on a consistent basis? Check out my copy editor on retainer services.

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All prices are in USD.

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