You’re an online business owner with a dirty secret.
You hate writing.

You’d rather connect with people some other way—by phone, video chat, or in-person—because that’s where you shine, but everyone keeps telling you that you need an online presence. Which means a lot of writing:

Social media accounts.
Email marketing sequences.
Digital products.
Blog posts.

And you need a gorgeous website—including at the very least About, Contact, and Services pages—to be the hub of all the goodness that is your online business.

You don’t consider yourself a good writer so the process is painful. The amount of written content that you need to create paralyzes you, so you’re months (a year?) behind on your website launch.

You have a website but your stats show that visitors bounce as soon as they arrive, your blog posts have no comments, and your social media captions only get a few “hearts”. Even though you have an amazing—if you say so yourself—business, you don’t know how to tell your brand story in a way that captivates and connects with readers and turns them into email subscribers, talk less, buyers.

You know what you want to say but it never comes out in writing the way you want it to—so frustrating!

You’d love to outsource all the writing for your business, but aside from the fact that good copywriters charge a minimum of four figures to develop the content for a five-page website, even the best copywriter will still need you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about yourself, your brand, and your business, which will be used to write your website content.


You can’t avoid writing entirely, but you can stop stressing about writing perfectly. Hire a copy editor on retainer today and you'll get written copy that touches your readers' hearts and leads them to subscribe to your list or make that purchase. If you're looking for a copy editor, that's where I come in!

Hi, I’m Jummy, a copy editor whose attention to detail and editing skills have received accolades over the years. I’ve been editing for over 10 years and have edited all sorts of documents, from emails to a potential mentor to sales pages for online businesses. I’m a passionate perfectionist who’ll treat your business’s written content like my own!

With me, copy editing isn’t just fixing spelling mistakes and tweaking grammar (though that’s part of it). Copy editing goes deeper—it’s about setting the tone of your message, being consistent throughout your brand, and drawing in the reader through the art of storytelling.

What’s a copy editor on retainer?
If you’ve ever wished you had a fairy wordsmith who would wave her magic wand over your awkward-sounding paragraphs and make them flow, get excited because that’s exactly what I can do for you!

How it works
You write your email marketing sequence, blog posts, social media captions, or website content to the best of your ability, send it to your copy editor (that’s me!) to be transformed, and get back to serving your clients or customers. By the agreed-upon time, I’ll send you your beautifully copy-edited content that captures the essence of your brand, and it’ll be ready to be used to support your business as you see fit.

I was really impressed with Jummy’s copy editing services she provided for a sales page I wrote. She organised it in such a way that it was more appealing and the message was clearer. I have gotten sales via my sales page! If you are looking for a copy editor for your sales page or ebooks, Jummy is the one you need.


The process, in detail
  • 1 You fill out a brief inquiry form with the details of what you’re seeking copy editing retainer services for.
  • 2 We chat (by phone or video) to discuss expectations and set timelines; I confirm your investment.
  • 3 Once we sign the contract (three- or six-month term) and you pay the first month’s fee, you’ll provide the documents that require editing as described in the contract and I’ll start to work my magic! I may ask you questions throughout the process to make sure that your brand’s vibe is clear and consistent throughout your copy.
  • 4 I’ll deliver your beautifully copy-edited work by the agreed-upon deadline; if needed, I provide two rounds of revisions until you love it; then your content’s ready to be used as you see fit.
  • 5 We repeat steps 3 and 4 for the duration of our agreement.
  • 6 You’ll be updated once a month regarding how much of the current retainer you’ve used and what’s left.
  • 7 Once the three- or six-month retainer period is over and if we’re both satisfied with the process, we can renew our agreement for a three- or six-month block.

With a copy editor on retainer, you’ll no longer have to waste time trying to create a written masterpiece; this frees you up to actually run your business. Do your best and I’ll do the rest with your copy because that’s what fairy wordsmiths do!

Ready to invest in your business?

Choose from three different packages, each of which can be further customized to meet your business’s unique needs—simply let me know what’s on your mind during our initial chat. In the meantime, select a package and let’s get started.

$247 Per Month
$227 per Month
  • Copy editing of:
  • 4 emails (up to 600 words each, one per week)
  • 4 social media captions (up to 250 words each)
  • monthly blog post (up to 800 words)
$597 Per Month
$547 per Month
  • Copy editing of:
  • 8 emails (up to 600 words each, one per week)
  • 12 social media captions (up to 250 words each)
  • 2 blog posts (up to 800 words each)

Funds in USD
(Interested in à la carte services instead? Please visit the Services page.)


  • For the first month, we can replace the above (in whole or in part) with copy editing of your website.
  • The expected turnaround for a submitted document will be 48–72 hours (depending on the content); you’ll be informed ahead of time of any deviation from this.
  • If the above doesn’t capture what you need for your business we can create a package for you from scratch—contact me!
Tasks that can be covered under our retainer agreement

Copy editing of:

  • email marketing content (welcome sequence, nurture sequence, launch sequence)
  • blog posts
  • social media captions
  • website page content (About, Contact, Services, FAQ pages)
  • course-related content (modules, video scripts, workbooks)
  • freebies (checklists, guides)
  • e-books

Imagine the freedom of writing out your first draft, knowing that someone else will be responsible for correcting the errors and telling your brand story the way it deserves to be told. Wouldn’t it be great to leave the wordsmithing to someone who’s passionate about it?

If you need someone with strong writing skills who understands what makes people buy books, look no further. Before Jummy, I thought I had it all together. I was confident that I had a foolproof book and a message to get sales and raving fans.

Hiring Jummy for my ebook was the best business decision I’ve ever made with regards to my writing.

Not only did she catch sneaky misspellings, she improved my flow of ideas and connected them to the whole picture in a logical manner. I was able to resolve several conflicting statements and ensure consistency throughout, and I feel much more clearer about my message and its intended result.

Jummy is a great communicator, courteous, fast, skilled, and goes the extra mile to make sure you come up with a publishable book…because your words create the first impression of your value to others!


You may be thinking, English is my first (and only!) language—I don’t need to hire someone to edit my writing! or My friend’s English is way better than mine—she can fix my mistakes.

Is that all you want? Copy that’s free of spelling and grammatical errors, even if it still sounds robotic or inauthentic? Or, do you want copy that makes your readers squeal with excitement? Copy that effortlessly turns readers into subscribers and buyers? Do you crave a deeper connection with your readers so that they joyfully take the next action—even if it means parting with their hard-earned money—because they have that much love for you and your brand?

Copy editing is an art: anyone can look up words in a dictionary and correct basic grammar; it takes skill to tell your brand’s story in a way that connects deeply with the reader.

Case Study
About page copy for Puptown Girl Box,
a monthly subscription box – puptowngirlbox.com

Wendy’s the hardworking founder and CEO of Puptown Girl Box, a monthly subscription box for modern dog moms. She came to me for help with her About page copy because while she’s a whiz at business, word-wrangling isn’t her passion. Wendy asked me to help inject the vibe of her brand into her About page so that readers landing on the page would instantly know if her subscription box was for them.

A good About page is less about you and more about your reader and what you can offer them. When you connect authentically with your reader and relate to them, they’re more inclined to do business with you and also become a loyal member of your tribe.


Our mission...

Our love of dogs is expressed in the accessories we wear, the art we hang, and even the mug we sip our tea from. Being a crazy dog-lady at heart, a gift box for dog Moms by dog Moms was created to spoil both you and your dog and to help celebrate the collective love we share for them.

Puptown Girl Box is pawssonate about dogs in need and is dedicated to gifting back to them as much as they gift to us. Puptown Girl Box showcases a new and deserving dog rescue in your subscription box every month where a portion of your purchase is donated to so you can feel great about being a crazy dog-lady, as we sure do!


About Puptown Girl Box

We’re the lucky ones. The ones who, once upon a time, let a furry stranger into our homes and before long, into our hearts as well. Now we can’t imagine anyone we’d rather share our life, bed, and money with! We celebrate their birthdays, buy them treats “just because”, and give in to (literal) puppy dog eyes more often than we care to admit. We can’t help it: our kids have paws and we’re proud dog moms!

Puptown Girl Box is a curated monthly subscription box that celebrates modern dog moms and the special bonds we have with the dogs in our lives. If you’ve been called a crazy dog lady, it’s time to embrace it: we may fight a losing battle with dog hair, but we’ve got style!

A Puptown Girl believes that life should be lived well, from the friendships she cultivates to the trips she takes, to how she accessorizes herself and decorates her home. She believes in spoiling herself and her best fur-friend, but she also loves to give back to causes that touch her heart. The Puptown Girl Box supports each of these by providing goodies for you and your favourite dog, all in one monthly subscription box, and by donating a portion of the profits of each box to a different dog rescue each month.

Get ready to start a new monthly tradition with your favourite pup (or pup at heart!)—order a Puptown Girl Box now.

Who copy editing on retainer is for

In order to benefit from this copy editing on retainer service, you should have the following up and running for your business:

• a website (and blog, if applicable) OR all your website content
• at least one social media account where you post regularly
• an email list (size doesn’t matter)

Are you ready to leave the copy editing of your written content in the hands of a passionate perfectionist who’ll treat your business content like her own?

Won’t it be great to no longer stress over proper spelling and grammar rules? To stop worrying about copy that sounds inauthentic, doesn’t convert, and is unclear?

Remember: copy editing isn't just about creating error-free content, it’s about creating content that converts, content that makes your readers take action and sign up for your paid offerings or buy your products. We aren’t writing for the fun of writing here—we’re writing to increase our business’s bottom line.

Anyone with enough time, access to a dictionary, and knowledge of grammar rules can create error-free content, but in online business, that’s not enough. Your written content has to connect with your readers on an emotional level before you’ll get that sale. Let me help you click with your readers so they become your clients or customers.

Select a package and let’s get started.
$247 Per Month
$227 per Month
  • Copy editing of:
  • 4 emails (up to 600 words each, one per week)
  • 4 social media captions (up to 250 words each)
  • monthly blog post (up to 800 words)
$597 Per Month
$547 per Month
  • Copy editing of:
  • 8 emails (up to 600 words each, one per week)
  • 12 social media captions (up to 250 words each)
  • 2 blog posts (up to 800 words each)

Funds in USD
(Interested in à la carte services instead? Please visit the Services page.)


We’ll be setting up the schedule for our collaboration together, so in a perfect world, our schedule will work for you, making it easier to stick to. However, I know that life sometimes gets in the way. I ask that you give me at least one week’s notice if you’ll be making changes to our schedule and I’d be happy to copy edit any work that's submitted outside of the agreed-upon deadlines. Please note that in these instances, the copy editing will be done at my earliest convenience, out of respect for my other clients.

I don’t charge per hour because I’m a perfectionist and you shouldn’t have to pay me for going over your work for the umpteenth time! Instead, my rates are based on the number of words in your document.

To keep track of your monthly usage, once a month, you’ll receive a summary of the documents that have been copy edited for you and how many documents remain to be copy edited.

They sure do: the carry-over period for a three-month retainer is three months (i.e., you have a total of six months to use the copy editing services), and the carry-over period for a six-month retainer is four months (i.e., you have a total of ten months to use the copy editing services).

Please note that out of respect for other clients, your catch up copy editing will be worked into my schedule.

Absolutely! As I mentioned, I’m a passionate perfectionist (where words are concerned!) so I’m only happy if you love your copy! As a result, I include two revisions after delivery of your work to make sure that you’re happy with your revised copy.

Although I can’t provide a refund for work that I’ve already completed, you may cancel a contract before the end of the month, in which case you'll receive a prorated refund for any work not yet completed in the month, and further payments will not be processed. Beyond this, I'll always do my best to accommodate refund requests.

Have a question that’s not covered above? Don’t be shy—

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