About Elevate My Writing

As an online businesswoman, your besties are your website, the emails that you send, and your social media accounts. In order to be amazing, your besties need words—lots of them! If your writing doesn’t grab your readers’ attention, or if your spelling or grammar’s a mess, your business can get a reputation (the bad kind).

You know what I say to that? I don’t think so—not on my watch!


Elevate My Writing is a copy editing service for online business owners who are ready to refine their business’s online presence. You’re the expert on what you do; my job is to take what you write about what you do and make it connect with your readers so that they see your brand as the answer to their prayers!

Just as Oprah is more than a talk show host, Elevate My Writing is more than a proofreading service.


Seriously: eliminating spelling and grammatical mistakes is the warm-up! I take your document, consider your target audience, your brand’s vibe, and your end goal, and I completely rework your words. This includes:

  • catching and fixing writing inconsistencies (like unnecessary tense switching, or use of American and British spellings of the same word in the same text)
  • banishing vagueness and confusion from your writing (bye-bye to long-winded sentences that have to be read three times to be understood; hello to sentences that flow like melted butter!)
  • maintaining your voice in your writing (because business is personal: the reason that someone will buy from you rather than from your competitor is because of you, and we need to keep that you-ness in your work!)

Your elevated writing will be clear and will help you connect better with your clients and customers because, isn’t that the point?

Your clients and customers are busy; they don’t have time to read confusing, poorly written content when they’re trying to decide who to buy from. Let’s make it easy for them to choose you by presenting your information clearly and professionally.


Elevating your writing is a team effort: you bring your best draft and I bring my love of words and years of editing experience. When we both show up and do our best work, we create magic.

Don’t waste time that should be spent on your business worrying about your writing. Leave your copy in my capable hands, already—let’s do this!

About your copy editor, Jummy


By now you might be a little curious about who’s all I’m going to make your editing dreams come truuueee! Please call me Jummy (joo-ME) if Jumoke is a mouthful! Your future copy editor is a newlywed who’s no longer in a long-distance marriage (hallelujah!), a long-time blogger (17 years in November), and a devoted daughter, sister, and auntie. I value family and do not joke with mine. I also do not joke about my wicked sweet tooth (which I desperately need deliverance from). Home is Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada, by way of the United States and Nigeria.

If the above doesn’t convince you to hire me instantly, then maybe this is what you’re waiting for: attention to detail is my love language. My superpower is x-ray vision for spelling mistakes, and when I see them, I karate-chop them (you know, with my fingers)! I also scare away tone, grammar, and sentence structure issues. I would edit all day long, even if I wasn’t getting paid—I enjoy it that much! I love when a satisfied client tells me that I captured what she had in her head but couldn’t put into words.

I have over 10 years’ experience editing and I’m more than qualified to help you elevate your blog posts, email marketing sequences, social media posts, e-books, website content, and any other writing you’re doing.

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